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The main goal of the resistance economic is to detect the international area and to seek to control and neutralize these pressures and to turn it into opportunities with ideal conditions. The economic activity in energy sector contributes in two ways.

  • The process of extraction, transfer and distribution of the energy is important economic sector which creates employment and added value in the economy.
  • Energy is a driving force for all sectors of the economy, and it has a wave effect on other sectors of the economy by activates required. For construction and renovation of any building with the objective of sustainable building.


Impact on environment of buildings:

Environment it is very efficacy to focuses on indoor environment quality of energy renewable.[1]

The indoor environment can be performed with the quality of indoor environment. IEQ regarding this topic, the framework of the European project energy performance indoor air quality retrofit EPIQR were investigated with a newly developed for buildings. In this package it can be identified the possibility of the improvement of better indoor environment and lower consumption of energy.[2] The current research study aims to couple the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) with energy efficiency in which the detailed investigation can be different types old, new, and renovated. Building can have impact on structure features and indoor environments conditions and can have negative results for health by discomfort of indoor temperature. Climate change, increase energy efficiency, develop the policy of renovation of buildings for improving the energy efficiency.


Financial support:

European Union needs financial support for innovation ideas and solutions of the building which can have directly impact on indoor environment.

By Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) the cost optimal methodology was introduced which can be energy criteria of the European Union.[3]

For improvement of the building performance, it needs to find the adaptability and sustainability of the design. There are factors which can create problems to adapt servicing such as air conditioning, electricity, heating system, ventilation system which need to find the solution to have a building adaptable and sustainable in future along with the life cycle of the building which can also create changes in input energy sources.[4]

We can consider the financial section with the technic of the life cycle costing which is enable comparative cost assessment to be made over a specified future period with all relevant economic factors of capital cost and future operational and replacement cost.[5]


Policy issue

With the adaptation of strategy, the European commission adopted the communication by improving knowledge of climate impacts and adaptation solutions action there are objectives by which it will be possible to proposes a rage of actions in order to adaptation of strategy for the climate change by 2050[6]. We can consider the same with the adaptation policy of the building by estimating impact on environment loading associated with the building design which can contained reduction of replacement of energy, reduction of air emissions and reduction of demolition solid waste. There are three types of design possible to propose by selecting types of the building.[7]

  • The heating and cooling systems: it can upgrade the more efficient technology in which It can be possible to install pollution control equipment.
  • Level of diversity in buildings: by new designs and technologies in which it can be possible to include percentage of buildings with alternate energy systems by having the idea of development of innovation processes for the buildings.
  • design budlings with distribution infrastructure components: by innovation technologies and policies it is also possible to focused on water management systems in technical ways by help of civil engineers.



For creating indoor environments for the building, it is necessary to think about the economic part which can be important for start any kind of project. There are more things which would be also important to create an environment more efficacy and sustainable in order to consummation of energy and by respecting all roles and laws to have a green building and build an indoor environment most effective and economic.

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