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Recently, many governments, especially in Europe, have increased their efforts to eliminate single-use plastic. New startups like the Finish company Paptic are aiming to become the leaders of alternatives on the plastic market.

The problem with plastic

WWF reports that we produce over 300 million tons of plastics each year, and less than 10% is recycled. The problem is that we are producing such a large amount of plastic that we cannot recycle it.

EU requires to reduce the consumption and use of plastic

The European Union introduced a directive in 2021 implementing a ban on single-use plastic. Beside this, many countries, including France, are reducing plastic bags and materials, and putting more recycled plastic on the market. One of those measures is the Anti-Waste Law or “ LOI AGEC” issued in February 2020 .

The environment still suffers because of too many plastic bags and materials on the market. Citeo, a French not-for-profit company aiming to reduce the environmental impact if of packaging, advises Finnish startup Paptic.

What is Paptic ?

Paptic is an innovative sustainable material for flexible packaging that replaces plastic.

The fundamental difference between Paptic and plastic is that it is not plastic at all. Paptic can be used for single-use bags, e-commerce, mail, alternative to polybags as well as cosmetic bags and more.

The start-up hopes to expend its market beyond Scandinavia and reach all of Europe in the near Future.

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