The hydrogen market is booming, and players are starting to mobilize to develop this new source of promise. The example of the announced cooperation between Lhyfe and Schaeffer illustrates this rapid development which crosses national borders.


Lhyfe, the French group specializing in the production of green hydrogen based on photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, has signed an agreement[1] with the Schaeffler factory site in Herzogenaurach. The German Schaeffler group, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive sector. lhyfe’s technology relies on off-peak electricity consumption, instead of wasting excess electricity, this energy is sent to fuel cells which produce hydrogen.


The goal of this strategic partnership: production of green hydrogen by water electrolysis of up to 15 MW[2]. We are talking about a daily production of green hydrogen of up to 3.7 tonnes per day! Schaeffler hopes with this installation “not only to make its own production climate neutral, but also to advance decarbonization in the region.” This production will represent future marketing opportunities for energy storage or powering hydrogen pumps.


This agreement marks recent developments in the hydrogen market; it is at the European level by combining skills between different countries that the hydrogen sector will develop more quickly thanks to these partnerships.



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