Transmission line used to transmit the large capacity of electricity in the long distance which can continue with the losses of energy during transmission of electricity up to consummation.

 First of all, where these losses come from? 

The energy losses depend on the different issues which can be technical and non-technical losses. 

  • The resistance of the conductor (lines or cables) used for the transmission electricity energy ;
  • The distance from the production points up to consummation ;  
  • The geographical situation of the area. (Heating loss due to potential deference between the two conduct and corona loss which is luminesce discharge between two conductor which create noise violet glow and produce the ozone gas around the conductor and power loses).   

How to reduce these losses? 

To improve the energy efficiency of grid, it needs to reduce the losses during transmission, distribution up to end users.  

  • The most important part is to reduce the distance of the transmission lines ;
  • Superconducting materials to reduce the resistance which can reduce cooling requirements and their cost of operation ;
  • Reduction of the corona effect by increasing the conductor size, by increasing the distance between conductor, using bundled conductor ;
  • It is possible to reduce the losses by replacement of old apparatus or equipment by modern hardware in electricity supply network.On distribution transformer: can reduce no-load losses from 15% to 20% to any type of transformer up to 3MWA ;
  • Saving electrical energy through choosing of the electrical switchgear to install into switchboard and for example the old model conductor circuit breakers on a 20 A motor stater consumed steady 20W, but in new model it consumes 7% and less.

Conclusion: each part of the power grid has power losses which can be used some personage of energy and it need to be reduced specially now a days where the cost of the energy specially electricity raised because of situation in Ukraine! And the reduction of the importation of gas which is the main problem for the to raise the price of the electricity and for stockage and economy of energy it needs to focus as much as on reduction the consumption of energy and energy losses.


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