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In June 2022, it was the 13th edition of “Au boulot à vélo !” challenge organized by CARD67, in partnership with Euro metropolis of Strasbourg. An edition marked by a record of participation.

The challenge:

Since 2009, CAD67 has been organizing this challenge with the Euro metropolis of Strasbourg. This year, it was for the first-time a cross-border edition with the city of Ortenau in Germany.

Every year in June, more than 10,000 even participate in a business competition to find out which company will be the most cyclist. A way to promote the ecological transition.

A study showed that the 2017 edition of the “Au Boulot à Vélo !” challenge made it possible to “create” 500 new regular cyclists, making this challenge a valuable tool at the service of the territory’s mobility policy.

This challenge also exists for home-school journeys allowing children to participate (“À l’école à vélo”).

A new record:

In 2022, there was a record number of participants and kilometers. 14,327 participants from 722 companies covered 1,673,711 kilometers.

Moreover, the Unistra-CNRS team ended second in the challenge.

In 2021, 472 companies registered for the challenge despite the health context with more than 8,800 cyclists.

This high level of participation is easy to understand. With its 600 km of cycle paths spread throughout the agglomeration, Strasbourg is the leading city for cycling in France and the fourth in Europe.

Strasbourg has a cycling culture. The people of Strasbourg love to get around by bicycle. 16% of working people use this mode of transport to get to work.

The Strasbourg tourist office on its website gives us its ideas for bike rides in the city:

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