Supported By the United Nations, the Crypto Climate Accord aims to make cryptocurrencies green.

Inspired by the Paris Agreement of 2015, the Crypto Climate Accord aims to make cryptocurrency green, and also the blockchain.

This agreement is the origin of three institutions: the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Energy Web Foundation, and the Alliance for Innovative Regulation.

The agreement is supported by several well-known companies such as Engie, a French energy industrial group.


The goals of this agreement 

The main goal here is to decarbonize cryptocurrencies. But in the details, we see that there are many goals like the adoption of renewable power for blockchain. That is one of the most significant steps for decarbonizing the crypto-industry. The achievement of that goal is expected in 2025.

The agreement aims to use renewable energy for cryptocurrency mining to make cryptocurrency green and, besides that, to make it sustainable. 


The Crypto Climate Accord wants to avoid greenwashing

This agreement is private and voluntary and it wants to avoid any type of greenwashing and minimize that. The project gathers many institutions and aims to do a project among them.



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