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Since the 5th of May, France has exceeded its « nature life budget ». Since then, every single day, the country consumes more natural resources than the ecosystem can provide.

What the « Earth Overshoot Day » is ?

To sum up « it is the calculated illustrative calendar date, on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceed Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources » in one year. This calculation is done by the Global Footprint Network, a not-for-profit organization which promotes tools for advancing sustainability in measuring how much we use and how much we have on the Planet.

In 2021 ?

The Earth Overshoot Day is a campaign supported by dozens of other nonprofit organizations like WWH for exemple. In 2021, WWF organization alerted the wolrd because on 29 July, the world had already exceeded the resources that the Earth could provid for the year.


The three WWF scenarios :

Since the 5 May it is like we’ve been living off credit cards. In  a recent report WWF is analysing three scenarios. The first one is to continue our way of life with increasing road and air trafficand flows, but with a consumer demand in stagnation. The second scenario is about the protection of forests on the planet, and reflects the minimum requirement if we respect commitments already made : the Multiannual Energy Plan, the Low Carbone Strategy, Resilience laws etc…  Finally, the third scenario is based on a credible and effective environmental planning. The goal is to make life on this planet sustainable, but also to create improvements in the daily lives of French people.

In the best-case estimations show we could push back the Overshoot Day to May 30 in 2027. But if we don’t react the cut-off date is expected to fall on May 3.


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