The microlino, the car of the future?

The electric car is an innovation that is gradually flooding the roads.

Numerous models already exist today: from family cars to sportier cars and small city cars.

The car is the most widely used means of mobility today, which is why car designers are developing more and more “green” cars.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the microlino. This “microcar” has been marketed since 2022 by the Swiss company Microlino AG.

It’s a mini electric car with a range of around 230 km. It weighs around 500 kg, and can reach a speed of 90 km/h.

This mini-car has several special features.

Firstly, “its production and use require less energy than a conventional car” – up to 65% less, according to the Swiss company.

It requires only half the parts of a conventional car.

Another major advantage of the microlino is that it can be parked directly facing the sidewalk. The door to the vehicle is located at steering-wheel level, allowing the driver and passenger to get out directly onto the sidewalk from the front of the car.

As a result, the microlino takes up only a third of a conventional parking space.

On the face of it, it’s an ideal car for everyday driving, provided you have an electrified garage for recharging.

It seems to have all the advantages, but at what price?

The price of this car comes to around 18,000 euros. That’s a pretty steep price to carry us and our backpack.


It’s a car designed for daily use only. It’s impossible to go on a trip with such a car.

We’d need several cars: one for the week and one for the weekend. At this point, the participation in the energy transition initiated by the government is cancelled out.

A nice innovation, full of pep, but expensive and limited in terms of use.

We’ll have to wait for the real development of electric charging stations and improved battery performance.

Nevertheless, this little car gives us a lot of hope for innovation and change in mobility.

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