– Some artists alerted on climate

Today, committed artists from all over the world are mobilizing to raise awareness about climate change. Through an ecological art, they alert the general opinion on the situation becoming more and more alarming. They show explicitly or not, their dissatisfaction with the risks that threaten our planet. R. Wayne Reynolds is one of these activists, notably with his series of works “the earth series” criticizing the belief that the treasures of the earth belong to us.

– Artistic recycling

This art uses materials or objects that have already lived in order to show that everything can be reused.

But also by using materials (plastic type) to create a work in order to pass on a message (a plastic fish in order to inform on the plastic pollution present in the sea).

We can quote Guerra De la Paz, who uses recycled materials to denounce the waste of our consumer society in the world of fashion.

– Land art

It is the first artistic current which testifies to the fragility of nature. It is assimilated to an environmental art (simple dialog with nature without necessarily trying to restore it). It uses the framework and materials of nature and most often, the works are outdoors, exposed to the elements and subject to natural erosion. It is a kind of return to nature.

– Rehabilitating polluted spaces through “Reclamation Art

It is the art of rehabilitation of polluted spaces or abandoned industrial areas. These works participate in the ecological rehabilitation and also help to rebuild the link between people and their natural environment.

In Dallas, Patricia Johanson has rehabilitated a polluted water area. Red earthen sculptures are used to attract passers-by, and these form paths on the water, allowing passers-by to observe the fauna, and also protect micro-habitats for animals and plants.


A propos de Emma DEVELAY