Alex Dabagh and plastic bags

In New York, a men: Alex Dabagh create aNYbag.

He transforms flexible and single-use plastic bags into new items!


Who is Alex Dabagh ?

Alex Dabagh is a New York man. He is a leather worker in Manhattan and he is passionate about upcycling! So this is why he decides to create aNYbag: he reuses flexible plastic bags and give them a second life.


Wath does he do?

Since 2020 in state of New York, single use plastic bags are forbidden. The problem was that 85% of 23 million plastics bags products by year end up in landfills, river or streets. Today even if single use plastic bags are forbidden, a lot of products are sells with plastic so in trash there is fruits bag ou bubble wrap.

Alex Dabagh decides to create aNYbag, he recovers plastics bags from friends, family, schools, …  Then he creates something better with them: a solid and reusable bag or a hand-woven passport. He donates a part of the profits to a foundation for the city’s parks.

ANYbag is in a 100% renewable approach: all products are guaranteed for life and can be repaired as many times as needed.

A bag of aNYbag is made with 95 flexible bags it’s represent only 900g of plastic and a hand-woven passport is made from 6 flexible bags!

ANYbag: a huge and classic process:

The first step is to sorting bags according to their size and to their weight.

Then the second step is to heat glue bags together.

The third step is to make a kind of long strip of plastic that is wound on a reel like wire.

Then we weave the plastic thread like normal thread with a loom.



Alex Dabagh said that sometimes he feels alone and useless but since the creation of aNYbag, he has diverted over half a million plastic bags from reaching our landfills and waterways! For the environment I think that useless actions don’t exist: It’s always a step in the right direction!




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