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La révolution des cerfs-volants dans la production d’électricité

Alors que l’éolien ne représentait en 2016 que 3,9% de la production française d’électricité, de nouvelles technologies se développent pour capter au mieux l’énergie naturelle des vents et parmi elles : le cerf-volant.

When the energy is shared 0

When the energy is shared

The financial model of renewable energy installations is growing over the world. If Denmark and Germany are champions in the field, France is just at beginning, and develops slowly.   In Denmark, before 1996,...

UK : The Empire where the wind never stops blowing 0

UK : The Empire where the wind never stops blowing

We saw during the Brussels negotiations, last week, David Cameron more uncompromising than never. He can do this because in front of a crisis, the United Kingdom is a better fighter than his European...

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