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Shell goes green

The Royal Dutch Shell plc CEO Ben Van Beurden announced on the 10th of July 2017 that the company will invest one billion dollars per year from 2020 in renewable energy. A comforting turn around in their situation considering that the group in 2011 disclosed that they would no longer invest in clean energy.


Piezoelectricity, a technology transforming humans into generators

Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials to generate electricity when some pressure is applied on them. Converting this capacity into a green technology by harvesting human’s activity could lead to majors progresses in our global commitment toward a reduction of our greenhouse gaz emissions. Imagine a world where your movement would be a source of energy.


Apple vows to use only recycled materials for its products

The IT colossus Apple has released an objective in its yearly environmental report. Published Thursday 15th April 2017, it said that the group wants to use only recycled materials for its products « one day ». A corporation...

Masdar : the “green” city of the desert 0

Masdar : the “green” city of the desert

In 2006, when according to the International Energy Agency IEA, peak oil reserves was reached. One of the largest oil suppliers in the world started thinking ahead about energy efficient alternatives. Abu Dhabi, the...