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Belize takes a huge step forward in marine conservation

Dean Barrow, Belizean prime minister, impose a permanent moratorium on offshore oil activity in order to protect Belize Barrier Reef. Thus, the country asserts itself as the safeguard of it’s maritime environment, but also for the maintain of tourist industry, true economic engine of the country.


Le gaz de schiste américain arrive en France

L’exploitation du gaz de schiste est interdite dans la plupart des pays d’Europe, mais aucune loi interdit son importation et sa consommation. Les USA sont passés d’un pays exportateur à un pays exportateur de gaz grâce à l’exploitation de gaz de schiste.


Overview of the environmental impact of salting roads

Each year between 750,000 and 1.5 million tonnes of salt are dumped on the roads of France to clear snow or melt the ice. In addition to a very high cost, salting roads has adverse externalities on the environment and public health. Overview of the situation of salting roads.
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Water pollution … What if you could face it in your popsicle? 0

Water pollution … What if you could face it in your popsicle?

Some of us have heard of the Plastic Planet, some other about water pollution problematics.. But few are really grasping the urgency of the situation. That is exactly what the « 100% Polluted Water Popsicles » is aiming at.