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Coal of duty ?

We all know the energetic production has to be included in an environmental logic. Increase the CO2 emissions is one of the targets of the European Union and the other political summits in a worldwide vision. To illustrate it, Germany is developing sustainable energy. Many reports suggest that it is on the right track ! So why are so many countries, in development or members of the OECD, who betting on the coal market ? As a French citizen, this should be the past. There are some museum for that. But in reality, coal is an interesting energy source. The goal of this article is to understand why it is a duty for politicians to continue to develop it.

Vast costs of arctic change 0

Vast costs of arctic change

When the ice melts is quoted, we think first of wildlife and rising sea levels, some opportunistic business men think this font allows the development of new offshore gas resources and oil. But can we...