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Is there a future for primary forests ? 0

Is there a future for primary forests ?

Human kind has colonized almost every parcel of the world, causing the extinction of 60% of biodiversity. A few places remain untouched by human activities including primary forests, which are strongly endangered by our...


India stifles under smog

In 2016, on the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 10 are Indian. India is struggling against a high level of pollution palpable with a smog. India must act because the health of its citizens is at stake.


#NoDAPL, a symbol of the fight against fossil fuels.

The Dakota Access Pipeline project consists of building an approximately 1825km long pipeline in the United States, across 4 states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. The project has been questioned, as its route...


L’Accord de Kigali sur l’élimination des gaz hydrofluorocarbures : une grande victoire pour le climat ?

Les 197 Etats parties au Protocole de Montréal ont conclu le 15 octobre 2016 à Kigali, Rwanda un accord sur la fin progressive de l’utilisation des gaz hydrofluorocarbures car ils contribuent fortement au réchauffement climatique....

“Pollution”…are we aware of this threat? 0

“Pollution”…are we aware of this threat?

  Pollution is rapidly becoming one of the most serious problems of modern society. The enormous steps in technology, science and industry which we have witnessed in recent years have brought with them the...