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Degrowth, for the salvation of our earth ?

At the era of globalisation, growth, and consommation, a small idea started to show his teeth. For some economists, scientists, and non-governmental organisations the real way to sustainable developement is the degrowth. That is true ?


Apple vows to use only recycled materials for its products

The IT colossus Apple has released an objective in its yearly environmental report. Published Thursday 15th April 2017, it said that the group wants to use only recycled materials for its products « one day ». A corporation...

Reward best sustainable innovation 0

Reward best sustainable innovation

On October 30th 2014 in Copenhagen, the Danish think tank “Sustainia” will be given the Sustainia Award rewarding the best solution to achieve a green future. According to Dr. Rajendra K. PAchauri (Chairman intergovernmental...

“Green revolution”, is it a new Kondratieff cycle? 0

“Green revolution”, is it a new Kondratieff cycle?

Our current era is found anchored in an unprecedented economic crisis, never seen since the Great Depression. Scholars see it as a sign of a new age, a new cycle or a new industrial...

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