Étiqueté : Changement climatique


One trillion trees to save the biosphere : Good idea or fantasy ?

Last July was released by a group of Swiss scientists, a study suggesting that planting on a global scale about 1200 billion trees could help to efficiently reduce CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. In...


Northwest Passage: climate change has opened a new route through Arctic

The navigator Anne Quéméré started at the beginning of July the first polar solar expedition. The route she is using was impracticable for a very long time.


High-level Political Forum 2018

The United Nations High-level Political Forum on sustainable development opened on July 9 for its annual meeting. Political declaration to follow.


Belize takes a huge step forward in marine conservation

Dean Barrow, Belizean prime minister, impose a permanent moratorium on offshore oil activity in order to protect Belize Barrier Reef. Thus, the country asserts itself as the safeguard of it’s maritime environment, but also for the maintain of tourist industry, true economic engine of the country.