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Natural turf VS synthetic turf

The World Cup was in full swing in Russia and the title of world champion was awarded to the Blues. In the hands of the soccer’s stars or rather their feet, an essential element: the lawn. Grass in Russia, but for years the synthetic world in power. Comparative study of the environmental balance on the choice of turf.


Glyphosate : le début de la fin ?

Le 10 août 2018 à San Francisco, une première décision vient mettre un coup au géant du glyphosate Monsanto, la première d’une longue série ? Qu’est-ce que le glyphosate ? Le glyphosate est un...


Total leaves officially Iran

The French oil company Total signed a contract in 2017 with national Iranian petrol company to develop the south pars 11 project, Total had 50.1% of the project against 30% for the Chinese oil company CNPC and the Iranian Petropars with 19.9%, before starting the project Total was looking for a waiver to continue the project in IRAN and a protection against US sanctions but without success.

Fin du changement d’heure dans l’Union Européen 0

Fin du changement d’heure dans l’Union Européen

Le changement d’heure a été adopté en 1973 après le premier choc pétrolier afin de faire face, et dans le but d’économie d’énergie. La Commission européenne va proposer l’arrêt de ce système et conserver la même heure hiver comme été.

Africa invaded by electronic waste 0

Africa invaded by electronic waste

Cell phones, computers, refrigerators, microwaves … many African cities are now invaded by waves of waste electrical and household appliances, just unable to cope with this phenomenon as worrying as dangerous.     A...


Electric cars, the time of choice

  Several states have expressed their desire to turn definitively towards electric vehicles considered more environmentally friendly than thermal vehicles. China, most Western countries, India, have set targets for the abandonment of thermal vehicles in favour of...