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100% Renewable Energy in Africa, is it possible? 0

100% Renewable Energy in Africa, is it possible?

The largest hydroelectric dam in Africa on the « Nil Bleu »  with a  power of 6000 MW (Ethiopia)                                    ...


Northwest Passage: climate change has opened a new route through Arctic

The navigator Anne Quéméré started at the beginning of July the first polar solar expedition. The route she is using was impracticable for a very long time.


Wakanda forever ?

Wakanda is a small country enclave between Kenya and Ethiopia. No open to the maritime road. Around 6 millions people compose the country. As Nicaragua or Jordan. So why this fiction country of Marvel is interesting ? Because he has a wealth underground of minerals : uranium, gold or vibranium, the only fictive one. Throughout the marvel Universe, this country is the most develop of the planet. So in what way can it serve as a general economic and energy model especially for African States and more generally countries relying on progress and growth. Utopia ? undeniably. Source of inspiration ? Why not.


High-level Political Forum 2018

The United Nations High-level Political Forum on sustainable development opened on July 9 for its annual meeting. Political declaration to follow.

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen 0

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen

I want to share the story of a person remaining anonymous in France: Wangari MAATHAI, an exceptional African woman who deserves to be better known for her fight against deforestation in Africa and who is an example of courage and self-denial should be followed!

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy 0

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy

Less mediatized than wind and solar energies, hydroelectric energy has, however, a prime position in the development of renewable energies in Morocco. Furthermore, many projects have been initiated in the sector since the launch...


Plastic Odyssey : convertir les déchets plastiques pour avancer

Plastic Odyssey, c’est le nom du navire qui sillonnera pendant 3 ans les mers, avec pour seul carburant les rebuts de déchets plastiques. Mais ce n’est pas l’unique intérêt de ce navire, ce qui rend...