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Northwest Passage: climate change has opened a new route through Arctic

The navigator Anne Quéméré started at the beginning of July the first polar solar expedition. The route she is using was impracticable for a very long time.


Wakanda forever ?

Wakanda is a small country enclave between Kenya and Ethiopia. No open to the maritime road. Around 6 millions people compose the country. As Nicaragua or Jordan. So why this fiction country of Marvel is interesting ? Because he has a wealth underground of minerals : uranium, gold or vibranium, the only fictive one. Throughout the marvel Universe, this country is the most develop of the planet. So in what way can it serve as a general economic and energy model especially for African States and more generally countries relying on progress and growth. Utopia ? undeniably. Source of inspiration ? Why not.


High-level Political Forum 2018

The United Nations High-level Political Forum on sustainable development opened on July 9 for its annual meeting. Political declaration to follow.

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen 0

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen

I want to share the story of a person remaining anonymous in France: Wangari MAATHAI, an exceptional African woman who deserves to be better known for her fight against deforestation in Africa and who is an example of courage and self-denial should be followed!

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy 0

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy

Less mediatized than wind and solar energies, hydroelectric energy has, however, a prime position in the development of renewable energies in Morocco. Furthermore, many projects have been initiated in the sector since the launch...


Plastic Odyssey : convertir les déchets plastiques pour avancer

Plastic Odyssey, c’est le nom du navire qui sillonnera pendant 3 ans les mers, avec pour seul carburant les rebuts de déchets plastiques. Mais ce n’est pas l’unique intérêt de ce navire, ce qui rend...

Sustainable development in Africa needs Peace and Security 1

Sustainable development in Africa needs Peace and Security

The 4th International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa was held like every year in Dakar on November 13 and 14 with nearly 800 people including many African heads of state and government, international partners as well as many peace and security actors (military, experts, diplomats). While conflicts and insecurity continue to grow in Africa, it’s a shame to waste time and money only in speaking about peace and security without belligerent parties by getting no effective solution to stop the conflicts that are multiplying. Futhermore, what about the sustainable development of Africa ?