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Deforestation is against our common interests 0

Planter 1000 milliards d’arbres pour sauver le climat : Est-ce vraiment si simple ?

  En juillet dernier, un groupe de scientifiques suisses a publié une étude selon laquelle la plantation à l’échelle mondiale d’environ 1200 milliards d’arbres pourraient contribuer à réduire efficacement les concentrations de CO2 dans...


One trillion trees to save the biosphere : Good idea or fantasy ?

Last July was released by a group of Swiss scientists, a study suggesting that planting on a global scale about 1200 billion trees could help to efficiently reduce CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. In...

The disturbing increase in natural disasters 0

The disturbing increase in natural disasters

A natural disaster is an event caused by nature, or the brutal natural processes of the earth  causing major upheavals that can lead to huge material and human damage. We talk about natural disaster...