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Lutte contre la pollution plastique des océans : « le bateau collecteur de déchets »

Le plastique … cette « fabuleuse » découverte des années 60 a indéniablement révolutionné de nombreux secteurs, du bâtiment à l’automobile en passant par l’alimentation. Aujourd’hui c’est « une bombe à retardement dont on découvre peu à...


La Lavo’Cyclette : le pédalier de machine à laver

Nous vous présentons aujourd’hui un projet innovant et écologique porté par cinq étudiants du master 2 de l’Université de Strasbourg. Le produit conçu, la Lavo’Cyclette, est un pédalier permettant de réaliser des cycles de lavage sans consommer d’électricité.

Solution for storing solar energy : This is the VOSS 0

Solution for storing solar energy : This is the VOSS

Today the energy that costs the cheapest to produce is solar energy. But the problem for the use of solar is that it is intermittent. To smooth the production of a solar power plant over 24 hours, it is necessary to store the electricity produced during the day to satisfy the needs during the night. Classic Solution: Batteries that are costly and should be recycled at the end of life. Known Alternative: Flywheels in steel or composite materials that are cylinders that rotate and transform solar energy into kinetic energy. The VOSS for solar storage wheel or perpetual battery is a new type of steering wheel with compressed concrete, which would withstand centrifugal force: which is a less costly solution to store energy…


DIY (Do It Yourself): Recycle your own plastic waste (part 1)

France consumes 4.5 million tons of virgin plastic resins every year. There, the recycling rate of plastics is only 22%. However, plastic is a malleable material, easy to recycle, colorable and light. Everyone should learn to reuse their plastic waste and learn the real value of this material.

China opens the way to the solar highway 0

China opens the way to the solar highway

  Undisputed leader in the development of renewable energies, with nearly 40% of green energy in its energy balance according to the International Energy Agency, China is at the heart of sustainable development and...


Masdar city: the carbon neutral city :

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, the Masdar city project is taking root. This model city project is based on energy transition and sustainable development. At the time of construction launch, it was planned that the city would welcome 52 000 inhabitants, 40 000 workers and 1 500 companies. 10 years later, no more than 100 in