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Le plastique bientôt recyclable à l’infini ?

  La récente découverte de l’entreprise Carbios est susceptible de révolutionner le quotidien de bon nombre d’entre nous. En effet, la forme la plus utilisée du plastique, le PET (polyéthylène téréphtalate) pourrait désormais être...


Mica mineral – dark side of the makeup industry

Source:   Have you ever wondered the origin of the eyeshadows, shimmers or highlighters that are proposed by beauty companies? Recently, I have found out that the majority of the shimmering beauty products...


DIY (Do It Yourself): Recycle your own plastic waste (part 1)

France consumes 4.5 million tons of virgin plastic resins every year. There, the recycling rate of plastics is only 22%. However, plastic is a malleable material, easy to recycle, colorable and light. Everyone should learn to reuse their plastic waste and learn the real value of this material.