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Hydrogen: the energy of the future ?

  Hydrogen exists everywhere on Earth and mainly in water (H2O). It is therefore rarely pure because it is often associated with other elements such as oxygen or carbon, so it must be dissociated...


Covid-19 : le réseau s’adapte

  Le Covid-19 a modifié les habitudes de consommations d’énergie et notamment d’électricité. Le réseau électrique s’est adapté afin de garantir la continuité et la sécurité de l’approvisionnement sur l’ensemble du territoire dans une...


Transformer son ancienne voiture en modèle électrique, une pratique bientôt autorisée en France !

  Prenant pour modèle l’Allemagne et l’Italie, la France devrait courant 2020 normaliser le «rétrofit» électrique autrement dit la conversion d’une voiture thermique en voiture électrique. Cette solution apparaît comme une alternative à l’achat...


Hynamics : EDF et l’hydrogène, l’aventure commence

EDF a bien choisi son moment, c’est à l’occasion du plus grand salon de technologie industrielle à la foire de Hanovre, que l’entreprise a annoncé la création de sa filiale Hynamics, spécialisée dans l’hydrogène....

Solution for storing solar energy : This is the VOSS 0

Solution for storing solar energy : This is the VOSS

Today the energy that costs the cheapest to produce is solar energy. But the problem for the use of solar is that it is intermittent. To smooth the production of a solar power plant over 24 hours, it is necessary to store the electricity produced during the day to satisfy the needs during the night. Classic Solution: Batteries that are costly and should be recycled at the end of life. Known Alternative: Flywheels in steel or composite materials that are cylinders that rotate and transform solar energy into kinetic energy. The VOSS for solar storage wheel or perpetual battery is a new type of steering wheel with compressed concrete, which would withstand centrifugal force: which is a less costly solution to store energy…

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy 0

Morocco’s commitment in hydroelectric energy

Less mediatized than wind and solar energies, hydroelectric energy has, however, a prime position in the development of renewable energies in Morocco. Furthermore, many projects have been initiated in the sector since the launch...

In Morocco, the building of the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2020 0

In Morocco, the building of the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2020

This gigantic site launched in 2016 aims at becoming the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2 years. Moreover, the site is equipped with the latest technology that helps to store electricity for a few hours. The project is financed by numerous international investors with a total amount of 8, 1 billion Euros and it involves several significant issues for the Kingdom of Morocco.