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DIY (Do It Yourself): Recycle your own plastic waste (part 1)

France consumes 4.5 million tons of virgin plastic resins every year. There, the recycling rate of plastics is only 22%. However, plastic is a malleable material, easy to recycle, colorable and light. Everyone should learn to reuse their plastic waste and learn the real value of this material.


La place de l’énergie solaire photovoltaïque

L’Organisation des Nations-Unies estime que la population mondiale augmentera de 30% par rapport aux 7,55 milliards d’habitants existants, soit près de 10 milliards de consommateurs d’énergies en 2050. Comment allons-nous subvenir à cette demande ?

China opens the way to the solar highway 0

China opens the way to the solar highway

  Undisputed leader in the development of renewable energies, with nearly 40% of green energy in its energy balance according to the International Energy Agency, China is at the heart of sustainable development and...


Pourquoi investir dans les EnR serait rentable en Haïti ?

En Haïti, l’offre d’énergie est constituée essentiellement de produits pétroliers et un infirme pourcentage d’EnR. Ces dernières sont quasiment négligeables dans un pays où le soleil brille à longueur de l’année, le vent souffle presque partout… Pourquoi les investissements dans ce secteur tardent-il à arriver ?


Belize takes a huge step forward in marine conservation

Dean Barrow, Belizean prime minister, impose a permanent moratorium on offshore oil activity in order to protect Belize Barrier Reef. Thus, the country asserts itself as the safeguard of it’s maritime environment, but also for the maintain of tourist industry, true economic engine of the country.


Plastic Odyssey : convertir les déchets plastiques pour avancer

Plastic Odyssey, c’est le nom du navire qui sillonnera pendant 3 ans les mers, avec pour seul carburant les rebuts de déchets plastiques. Mais ce n’est pas l’unique intérêt de ce navire, ce qui rend...

In Morocco, the building of the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2020 0

In Morocco, the building of the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2020

This gigantic site launched in 2016 aims at becoming the biggest thermo-solar park in the world within 2 years. Moreover, the site is equipped with the latest technology that helps to store electricity for a few hours. The project is financed by numerous international investors with a total amount of 8, 1 billion Euros and it involves several significant issues for the Kingdom of Morocco.


Masdar city: the carbon neutral city :

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, the Masdar city project is taking root. This model city project is based on energy transition and sustainable development. At the time of construction launch, it was planned that the city would welcome 52 000 inhabitants, 40 000 workers and 1 500 companies. 10 years later, no more than 100 in