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Le découplage entre les émissions de CO2 et la hausse du PIB face aux faits

  Alors que le second Rapport Meadows nous alertait du proche dépassement des limites planétaires en 1992, une étude de 2015 nous indique que 4 d’entre elles ont d’ores et déjà été dépassées, et...


Wakanda forever ?

Wakanda is a small country enclave between Kenya and Ethiopia. No open to the maritime road. Around 6 millions people compose the country. As Nicaragua or Jordan. So why this fiction country of Marvel is interesting ? Because he has a wealth underground of minerals : uranium, gold or vibranium, the only fictive one. Throughout the marvel Universe, this country is the most develop of the planet. So in what way can it serve as a general economic and energy model especially for African States and more generally countries relying on progress and growth. Utopia ? undeniably. Source of inspiration ? Why not.