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Le tourisme de masse : des conséquences néfastes sur l’environnement

  Voyager : c’est un vecteur économique et de croissance important pour les États, un signe de réussite, de richesse ou de liberté pour nous les touristes. Aujourd’hui, le progrès technologique rend le voyage beaucoup...


Humanity’s ecological footprint : “To infinity and beyond” Earth’s biocapacity ?

  Going over the possibility of decoupling and some economic myths, let’s look at what the Earth is telling us. When we talk about Earth’s fate at a time when a single species is...


One trillion trees to save the biosphere : Good idea or fantasy ?

Last July was released by a group of Swiss scientists, a study suggesting that planting on a global scale about 1200 billion trees could help to efficiently reduce CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. In...

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen 0

Wangari Maathai, a life out of ordinary of a Earth’s citizen

I want to share the story of a person remaining anonymous in France: Wangari MAATHAI, an exceptional African woman who deserves to be better known for her fight against deforestation in Africa and who is an example of courage and self-denial should be followed!