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Innovative projects of Elon Musk in the field of energy – The Hornsdale Power Reserve and Autobidder

  Probably all of you have heard about Elon Musk and his revolutionary ideas as well as projects in the field of automobile, energy, airspace, artificial intelligence etc. Elon Musk’s activity is mainly directed...


COP25 : encore une conférence pour rien ?

  La déception fut grande pour ceux qui espéraient un accord ambitieux.     En décembre 2019 avait lieu à Madrid, la Conference of parties (COP) sous la présidence de l’Argentine. Beaucoup attendaient de...


Australia beaches buried under mountains of plastic

These last few months, Australia is facing a depressing spectacle. The Australian coastline, once renowned for its beauty and touristic attraction, are now totally devastated by all the rubbish dumped by the sea. Locals even refer to this phenomenon as a “Plastic Tsunami”, scientists, meanwhile, are overwhelmed by the event. However, the phenomenon is not only a tearful event to observe but also demonstrates the real face of pollution which is a reality that has long been ignored and neglected, the one of our oceans being overpolluted.

Buoys CETO by Carnegie: renewable power from ocean’s waves. 0

Buoys CETO by Carnegie: renewable power from ocean’s waves.

  The Australian company Carnegie has announced the world’s first grid connection of its CETO operating system of marine swell.   Source : If wave energy, suggests very promising production expectations (the energy...