The new electric car line in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, already very ambitious in terms of public transport and sustainable mobility, unveiled its new line of electric buses a few months ago. Connecting the Central station to the European Parliament, these buses were manufactured locally. Nevertheless, these new infrastructures raised so many questions.

Presentation of the project

The Alsatian capital confirms its ecological ambition. After the gradual ban on certain vehicles, a new bus line opened in February. Moreover, this new line has to be promoted since it is the first that is equipped with electric buses.

Twelve buses have been ordered, for a total investment representing more than eleven million euros in equipment, for the roads and the depot as well.This line links the central station, already linked by several tramways and bus lines, to the European Parliament, serving the Wacken district more significantly.

In addition, the new electric car line is a local construction, by the company Alstom, on the Bas-Rhin site in Hangenbieten. The works started in mid-July 2019 and finally ended in February 2020, after a delay of two months, for an inauguration on the 24th. Following the model of several other French cities, such as Marseille and Paris, Strasbourg wanted to confirm its ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The creation of this new line also corresponds to the strategic objective of connecting two high places of the European capital while avoiding the city center. Indeed, very well connected but also very borrowed by users, the “knot” of Homme de Fer station appears to be very congested.The line also responds to the increased attractiveness of Wacken, where many jobs have been created, particularly in the business sector (banks, multinationals, etc.).  But the new car line faced critics too.


People came forward during the unveiling of the project and following the public meeting in July 2019 to criticize this new car line. Indeed, several questions have been raised:

  • The amount and the need for investment: an amount considered too high by some, especially since the mayor of Strasbourg does not in the long term exclude a transformation into a tram line.
  • The share of stations served by other bus and tram lines
  • The speed of the aircraft: some people think that the bus is driving very slowly, “slower than a bicycle”


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