Green entrepreneurship : a dynamic of sustainable development


Green entrepreneurship encompasses economic activities, technologies, products and services that limit greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the ecological footprint, minimize pollution and save resources.

Green entrepreneurship constitutes a new economic dynamic in constant evolution in the context of a growing awareness of global environmental issues. It takes into account the objectives of sustainable development through a green economic model.

Green entrepreneurship is an asset for the whole world by contributing to the transition to a green economy: organic farming, eco-tourism, eco-construction, renewable energies, sustainable water management, waste recovery…

The initiatives carried out by green entrepreneurs are distinguished by two criteria: contribution to the general interest and a real local impact. Beyond the environmental purpose, the green entrepreneur considers societal purpose at the heart of his strategy. It also proposes to develop short marketing circuits and more sustainable production methods. The green entrepreneur values local knowledge, savoir-faire and products. The impacts can already be noticed; it’s about supporting local development and creating sustainable jobs.

Commitment to green activities is a revealing sign of the potential of the green sector; it also reveals the courage and perseverance of these young people who “dared” to innovate and devise ecological solutions.

However, although green entrepreneurship is booming and young entrepreneurs are the bearers of original and interesting initiatives, they remain unrecognized and they do not often receive support.

Government actors are increasingly aware of the need to provide support to this sector; some of them set up programs in partnership with international cooperation organizations.

One of the areas of work is to promote projects carried out by green entrepreneurs and to encourage young people in general to adopt the principles of the green economy.



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