The Performance of Environmental Management System


Today, companies are forced to improve their performance, to remain competitive and follow changes. To achieve this, companies must continually adapt to the requirements imposed by its environment, so they can actually maintain its competitiveness. So the process of stripping down an environmental management system fits, into this performance perspective.

So what’s an EMS? And how can be advantageous for the organization?

First of all, an Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that allow an organization to decrease its environmental impacts, and increase its operating efficiency; it helps any organization to achieve its environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of its environmental performance. The assumption is that this consistent review and evaluation will identify opportunities for improving and implementing the environmental performance of the organization.

Setting up and running an environmental management system (EMS) has more advantages, including in the following:

  • Better regulatory agreement: running an EMS will help the organization to ensure its environmental legal responsibilities.
  • More powerful use of resources: the organization will have strategies and procedures in place, that help to manage waste and resources more efficiently and reduce costs.
  • Marketing: by highlighting the business’ credentials as an environmentally aware operation, that has made a commitment to continual environmental improvement through promotion or annual reporting.
  • Finance: it is easier to raise investments from banks and other financial institutions, which are more interested to see businesses managing their environmental impact.
  • Increased sales opportunities: large businesses and state departments may only deal with businesses that have an EMS.
  • More moderate regulation: with the EMS, the organization can benefit through less frequent site visits or reduced charges from environmental regulators.
  • Certification to recognized standards: getting international EMS certification through ISO 14001, BS 8555 or EMAS can give the organization reliability with clients and stakeholders.

Finally, the Environmental Management System is an important future issue for all organizations, because it aims to improve their performance if its integration is carried out in a certain state of mind.

On the other hand, it is ideally positioned in relation to the Sustainable Development approach, and even consider it as a basis for SD, since the first combines the three pillars “Quality, Environment, Security”, whose environment and its preservation is an important pillar for the current and future generation.



A propos de Ghita BENKHALDOUN

Étudiante en M2 Droit et Gestion des Énergies et de Développement Durable ,à la Faculté de Droit ,Sciences Politiques ,et Gestion de Strasbourg .


Étudiante en M2 Droit et Gestion des Énergies et de Développement Durable ,à la Faculté de Droit ,Sciences Politiques ,et Gestion de Strasbourg .

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