Vacuum packing : a way to combat food waste


French people throw 29 kilos of food in terms of annual average. This represents about 10 million tonnes of food waste per year in France.


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The expiry date : a participation in food waste

Fresh products, like meat, have a use by date. It ensures that the consumption of the product is not dangerous. Other products have a date of minimum durability. This date indicates that after it, there is no danger when the  product is consumed.

Therefore, many products which the date passed are thrown in the garbage. Indeed, the consumer doesn’t want to take health risks. The use by date is often short, so you have to manage the fridge well to avoid the food waste.


The vacuum packing

A better food preservation means less waste. One of the methods of conserving food is to put food under vacuum in glass containers.This method keeps the fresh products longer than usual, and in a recyclable container.

Furthermore, this method allows to adjust our consumption. It is possible to cook in larger quantities and consume progressively. We must not exceed a certain period. However, vacuum conservation keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer than in normal conditions of preservation (for meat, vegetables for example). The shelf life is even longer for other products, and vitamins and taste are maintained.

The vacuum packing is a way to tackle food waste because the products are consumables a long time, so they are less thrown. In addition, savings can be made because discarded food don’t need to be buy back.



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