The power of trees in the urban environment

Trees are a major advantage for our environment and our health, in addition to their images to decorate the city, they have the quality of absorbing air pollutants that are harmful to human health such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and of course the emissions of vehicles.

Trees have the power to reduce the air temperature in the urban environment while reducing global warming through the storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This decreased heat from the trees overcomes the breathing difficulties that can sometimes cause death.

Planting trees also has the quality of fighting against urban heat islands. They have a cooling capacity of the climate which reduces the effect of urban heat islands. Global warming can cause a 7 degree increase in temperature cities, in this case the transpiration of plants causes water to be released into the air, which allows the temperature to be reduced by a few degrees.

The establishment of roadside trees is an advantage for reducing car accidents. Committee authorities have observed a 20% decrease in accidents because the alignment of trees less closely spaced allows to give an illusion of speed.They also have a role of absorption of runoff water which prevents rain water from stagnating on the roadway.

As already mentioned, trees have several powers even on biodiversity, the presence of very old trees and micro-habitats are beneficial to the entire forest ecosystem. This mix encompasses a variety of plants as well as animals that in turn make trees more resistant to climatic events such as storms and drought. These benefits show us so much that we must fight against deforestation, it is what allows us to react for the protection of all living beings in the hope of living in a healthy and balanced environment.



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