Global strike demanding climate action

Last Friday began a worldwide movement of strike, led by young people who really want to do something about climate change.

This day has been chosen to organize that strike because Greta Thunberg gave a speech at UN in New York that day. The 16-years-old Swedish environmental activist has been known all around the world for one year, since she started a movement of school strike on Fridays, now known as Fridays for Future. She started to be famous thanks to social medias, and the Friday school strike got a habit taken in many countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Australia… Fastly, Greta Thunberg had the opportunity to give a visibility to these young people, by giving speeches at climate summits and a few international conferences.

The strike that happened this Friday is the first one of this extent. A total crowd of 4 million of people is estimated around the world. This generation is different than the ones before regarding to their convictions. They were born after 2000, they hear about climate change since they were born, but they don’t see anything done so far. They attempt to highlight the drifts of current politics; where politicians claim to get the climate emergency while they don’t implement any concrete action. Globally their goal is to speed up energy transition. Politically, they want the right to vote to be lowered at 16, to rise their power. Indeed, even if these people are the ones that are not allowed to vote, seem to be the only ones who really get the emergency that the world is facing.






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