Part 1: The Story of a Paper With No Identity

Setting – The story begins behind the closed doors of an interrogation room at the Office of the Commissioner for Abandoned Packaging, after a tragic incident . A classic situation for this type of story. Nothing revolutionary, you might say. However, the following statements may be offending to the reader, but they are necessary in order to know and to transmit the truth. 

– What is your name? Commissioner Zero asks, the head of the Wast City Waste Brigade.

– I didn’t have a name until the day I was marked with red ink “McDonald’s”, says the victim, still terrified and out of breath.

– How old are you?

– I’m just a single use.

– What is the reason you wish to a make deposition?

– It’s about my age. You see, I was thrown away and abandoned. I’m a no-return.

– Tell me your story.

– It was around 7:00 p. m. on a beautiful spring day. I had been waiting for a few minutes before I was used, along with a few of my colleagues. Then, a hand finally grabbed me, and filled me with two boxes, chips in a paper cone, a cup, a straw and paper napkins.

A few moments later, a second hand took me away. After a short car trip, the hand put me down on a bench. And, I stayed there with the paper cone, the chips almost untouched. Abandoned, we spent the night there.

The next morning, several birds began to fly over me, and I could see them getting closer and closer, until they finally threw themselves at me. They pecked at me, pierced me, punctured me, punctured me, punctured me. The biggest one of them took me in its claws like a prey.

Tired out, it finally dropped me down. I fell from several meters high. I landed in the sea where I capsized for days and days, off the Channel Sea. Small and large fish began to nibble at me. I became very weak, but I remember that, before I lost consciousness, I saw fish floating on the water. When I woke up, I was on a boat among tires, plastic bags, a bicycle, cans, cigarette butts, etc.

I decided to not become a non-repeat, that’s why I came to file a complaint for abandonment, negligence, damage to the environment, non-respect of the material that constituted me. 


To be continued…

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  1. cerino dit :

    Trop drôle heureusement que j’ai eu la chance d’avoir l’article traduit en français autrement je passais à côté d’un bon moment de lecture.

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