Deforestation , facts , causes and effects

Agriculture is among the main causes of deforestation, since forests are burnt or cut down in order to create space for farming.  Wild logging and illegal timber trade is responsible for 80% of the deforestation in Africa and in South East Asia. Finally, new constructions for housing have a huge impact on deforestation, particularly in the United States.

Deforestation costs billions of dollars every year (2-5 trillion dollars per year) , especially through the massive loss of threatened, as biodiversity keeps on being destroyed.

The impact of deforestation on climate change is also well known. Since trees absorb carbon dioxide, deforestation causes higher emissions of CO2, estimated at 20%, which is even more than the emission share of cars.

All the species on the planet are affected by deforestation. In addition to animals and plants, indigenous people living in forests of certain regions of the world are also more than threatened. Their homes and way of life are vanishing, leaving no trace behind . According to National Geographic, habitat loss can lead to the extension of 1 million species. This also has negative consequences for medical research and local populations who depend on forest animals and plants for hunting and medicine. The WWF environmental organization denounces that many plants that may be useful in the treatment of certain cancers, AIDS and malaria, are threatened with extinction due to deforestation.

Many people think tree massive planting would be enough in order to prevent deforestation like a solution to limit the deforestation and its causes,  but it would not solve all the issues.



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