The Smart flower, no longer available in Europe!

There was no longer any need to worry about the slope or the orientation of your house’s roof. EDF ENR, branch of the historical supplier for renewable energies, had launched the Smart Flower: a large flower that could be positioned in your garden whose petals were solar panels.

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The Smart Flower is a fully autonomous solar power generation unit characterized with an original design and shape. Its installation is very easy and is limited to laying and branching. It produces an average of 3,500 kWh per year.

This installation was manufactured by the Austrian company “Smart Flower Energy Technology”. The original flower has a height of 6 meters and twelve petals unfold. Each petal contains 40 photovoltaic cells, representing a total area of 18 m² of solar panels, that track the course of the sun and close in the evening or when the wind is too strong. According to EDF, which used to distribute these products in France, tracking the sun on two axes brings a gain of 40% in the production of electricity, compared to a fixed installation.

Three different models were presented, and eight different colors available. The first was a basic model that produces just electricity. The second model allowed beyond the production of electricity, to store it in batteries in case of absence of consumption. Finally, the latest model had outlets for charging electric vehicles.

The Smart flower has been designed to withstand all weather conditions except the wind. It was able to operate in weather conditions going from -20 ° C to 60 ° C. In case the wind is blowing at 54 km / h, the Smart flower changes its position to a horizontal one in order to limit from the impacts. However, when the wind reaches 63 km / h, the Smart flower folds itself.

Another interesting feature about the Smart Flower was its ability to cleans itself. The petals change their position and move horizontally. Brooms appear and clean the petals.

Sadly, the Austrian company went bankrupt at the end of 2017 and the products are no longer available in France or Europe since 2018. Only the models of the US division Smart Flower Solar remain available in the US market.



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