Climate change : global governance for sustainable development

Greenhouse gas is one of the major challenges that must be reduced to combat global warming. Since 2007 , each year the risk of climate change was estimated at least 5%. And to solve this problem the state is called to develop effective solutions ,with good on their implementation to reduce the damage caused.

The main challenge for a carbon tax, according to the opinion of some economists, it is better to raise public awareness,  about the method of imposing a carbon tax can be a perfect solution for the reduction of gas emissions Greenhouse effect.

There are several ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, namely individual actions such as driving less a low-carbon diet, or purchasing devices that are protective of the environment while promoting sustainable development.

Among the solutions proposed by economists also is the fact of adjusting the price of greenhouse gas,  to allow the public to balance the market mechanisms for both private actors and public actors.

The general idea of global governance is to address the global challenges of sustainable development to encourage individual initiatives. This concept is led by the United Nations.


Several coordinating bodies deal with differents issues of sustainable development while negotiating climate change, transboundary water management and the endangered species that are marketed.

Countries need to strengthen their collaboration and action against climate change, for example China as a global polluter must make efforts to reduce its air pollution through the use of more environmentally friendly modes of consumption, to make better use of the energy sources at its disposal, by increasing its share of clean energy such as solar power, hydraulics. The Renewable energies are considered a key solution to fight climate change.



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