The Wooden Tower of Strasbourg, a French Record

The Alsatian capital will soon deliver a tower named “Sensation” which will be the highest wooden tower built in France. The building that is in “Port-du-Rhin” neighborhood, is based on a structure with three rising towers, that will contain 146 apartments. The highest one will be built out of wood and 38 meters high, with 11 floors.

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It is a fact that the use of wood is more expensive than concrete, however, the result is going to be more ecological. The building’s structure is made of wooden boards, which are attached together. The used wood, originally from Austrian forests, has an excellent insulation rate. As a result, the energy consumption required for heating will be reduced to 15 kWh / m², which is 6 times less than the average consumption in France, estimated at 100 kWh / m², and 3 times less than the RT 2012.

So far, 80% of the apartments have been sold. The sale price of the wooden tower house is at € 3,500 per square meter. It is 20% more expensive than new constructions in Strasbourg that cost € 2,666 per square meter. A 3-room apartment would cost around € 250,000. However, on the long term, expenses will be lower than in a traditional building thanks to its energy savings.

The investment of this project was valued to be at 3.7 million euros, which is 20% more than a classical building. “Bouygues Immobilier”, promoter of this project, received a government subsidy worth up to 2.7 million euros.

The low-emission tower of a natural and bio-based composition will be delivered in February 2019.


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  1. Alain dit :

    Joli, et vraiment innovant malgré les contraintes techniques du bois, projet difficile à assurer je pense…

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