Changing to a Greener Future for Cigarette Butts

The brighter side of lighting up

Currently, 137 000 cigarette butts are thrown into our streets and natural environments every second. Multiple initiatives and projects have been launched to reduce this ever growing problem. Some of these have already been mentioned previously on this blog. However, the problem still exists and more people keep on looking for solutions.

MéGO! is one company in Brittany that has found a way to try and transform this rubbish into something more positive. It takes butts and changes them into new items such as plasterboard and outdoor seating placed near cigarette butt bins. You can find more information about MéGO! and their recycling methods on their website.

Karma Filter Tips is an Indian company which has also found its own unique solution. They have invented new cigarette filters made from fruit and vegetable pulp. Not only are they organic but have plant seeds inside them. When the smokers finish their cigarettes, they can extinguish it into soil and grow a plant. This company has made a strong link between an environmental problem and a solution that puts to a final stop to cigarette pollution.

Cigarette butt pollution is a real problem. Are these types of initiatives enough to nip it in the butt ? Perhaps the Minister of Health should think about adding spoilers for the endings of popular TV series to cigarette packaging. An other solution ?


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