Algiers, a futur smart city!

The project “Algiers Smart city” was launched in 2017 and was presented during the smart cities global technology and investment summit in Algiers.

Scheduled at Algiers the 27th and 28th of June 2018, the goal of this summit was to set up international partnerships and present new technologies. With the participation of state authorities, local authorities, national and international companies. Several topics were discussed including: mobility and transport, data and technology, finance, investment and fintech, governance, partnership and circular cities, smart city strategies, internet, Telco and IT Infrastructure, sustainability, energy and utilities and society.

No smartcity without an incubator!

The HABA institute is an incubator founded by a group of Algerians from different horizons. The goal is to pass on knowledge’s and experiences to the new generation. The institute support startups by offering workspaces, personalized coaching, visibility and network.

The first fablab of Algiers was opened in 2018. It was made for startups and students with innovative solutions.

Algiers smart city, utopia or reality?

Algiers currently doesn’t appear as a good environment for the development of a smart city. Years of urban anarchy, uncontrolled demography, unstable electricity network and unreliable IT network doesn’t help for that. Moreover, participatory democracy isn’t a mode of governance currently adopted in the country. So, citizens should be integrated and concerted in the development of the smart city, especially that the welfare of ctizens is one of smartcity’s objectives.


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