space pollution a new problem for humanity

1 April 2018 the Chinese space station crashed into the Pacific Ocean, it’s one of millions space debris in space, No one knows exactly how much space-junk in the earth-orbit.

The 7th European conference on space debris organized in April 2017 in Darmstadt, Germany gathered scientists, engineers, managers, space operators, industry to discuss this problem and try to find solution.

Origin of this pollution:

space pollution also knows as space junk, space debris, is the result of old satellites, spent rocket stages (Boosters), fragments of their disintegration, dead spacecraft and Lost equipment.

Space debris are orbiting earth at a speed of up to 28 000 km/h at this speed even small object can destroy a satellite, this space junk present a real risk by many different ways, Risk of collusion with satellites of telecommunication or the international space station ISS where an astronauts and cosmonauts live on board.

Solution to clean space:

Many scientists and space companies are looking for a solution, NASA and ESA (the European space agency) are developing a robot arm to catch debris. Japanese scientists are developing a new module of satellites (satellite catcher) to pick-up debris using magnets then destroy theme by forcing it down into the atmosphere where it will burn up upon re-entry.

On April 2018 spaceX has tested a new method to clean space, it’s used a net mechanism like a net used to fish to collect and remove space debris.




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