Sion, the solar car

“Driven by the sun”, it’s Sono Motors’ slogan, a start up from Munich, which is coveting to be the next most disruptive car manufacturer.

The unique model of the brand, with a unique color, black, is Sion. The feature of Sion is that it is equipped with 330 solar cells located on the roof, on both sides and on the hood and the rear. Thanks to this technology, when batteries are full the car has an autonomy of 250 km, enough to daily drives and compete with other electric models.

But the new start up don’t stop on this : to enter the new age of smart city, Sion is equipped with bidirectional charging technology enabling it to not only to generate but also to provide energy. In the days to come, where we know that sharing energy will be at major stake, Sono Motors is raising itself at the top of innovating start up.

With its 5000 pre-order reach, the start-up gathered enough support to start its production, first models will be commercialized in early 2019.

Can’t wait to see those solar car? You can have your own  for 20 000€ (16000€ for the car, add the battery). A price that makes it the first mainstream solar car.

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