Electronic = environmentally friendly, it is possible ?

Who says that electronics cqnnot be environmentally friendly. The reconditioned smartphone market rises to 2 million sales in 2017, it represents the half of the second hand market smartphone.

A report of the UNO warns us that in 2016, the world had generated the equivalent of 4500 Eiffel Tower in electronic waste.
It represents 44,7 megatons, among which only 20 youngs percent was recycled
The biggest part of the CO2 emissions of a telephone results during the production, today more than 710 billion of our sales around the world.

What’s the goal?

To fight against the scheduled obsolescence? We know that it is the crucial point has to fight, and the recycling of the electronic products will allow to counter the scheduled programmed and also to reduce the overconsumption.To calm the planet by reducing CO2 emissions and electronic waste? Forcing by lowering the consumption with new product have reduced  the production thus CO2 emissions overconsumption Benefit from big discounts (deliveries) for the purchase of a device. Of course reconditioned smartphone are more less expensive than new phone, the benefit can be between 30 at 70 %

How we can do that ?

The elected republican Aina Kuric sent a written question to Gérald Darmanin, the minister of the action and the public accounts, to propose to apply a lower VAT to the reconditioned products to support the sector.
Today the two sectors are subject to the same regime for a rate of 20%, or 5.5% for products falling within the reduced rate, by reducing the VAT rate have given  an advantage to the repackaged market.

The sector is expanding, it is not the most adequate response to overconsumption , and pollution but it allows to take into account the effects and be a first solution in the short term. it must also be supported by the public authorities and the market.


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