Solution for storing solar energy : This is the VOSS

The VOSS or Midnight sun (according to the presentation slideshow by André Gennessaux)


Today the energy that costs the cheapest to produce is solar energy. But the problem for the use of solar is that it is intermittent. To smooth the production of a solar power plant over 24 hours, it is necessary to store the electricity produced during the day to satisfy the needs during the night. Classic Solution: Batteries that are costly and should be recycled at the end of life. Known Alternative: Flywheels in steel or composite materials that are cylinders that rotate and transform solar energy into kinetic energy. The VOSS for solar storage wheel or perpetual battery is a new type of steering wheel with compressed concrete, which would withstand centrifugal force: which is a less costly solution to store energy…


Anne and André Gennesseaux are the cofounders of Energiestro, a start-up located in Châteaudun in the Loiret, which developed the VOSS, this new method of storing solar energy could solve the brakes on the use of ENR.

Energiestro has designed a new type of compressed concrete flywheel, able to store electricity from solar power plants at a price that defies all competition. The peculiarity of VOSS? The original idea is to recover the solar energy that is rotating the VOSS. This rotation continues non-stop, even when the sun disappears and generates a redistributable electric current at any time. In practice, a steering wheel will run for more than 20 years and provide more than a million cycles, while a battery is limited to a few years and a few thousand cycles. To lower the price, the VOSS is made in a highly resistant concrete that allows to use it everywhere, including in the desert.


      Les volants d’inertie du stockage des énergies renouvelables

The applications covered by the VOSS are :

–         Residential Self-consumption

–        Storing and smoothing of intermittent ENR

–        The electricity supply of isolated sites : housing, GSM telecommunication relay or for Non-        interconnected areas (ZNI) such as experimentation in Guyana in accordance with the provisions of CRE (Commission for the Regulation of Energy).

–        Rural electrification in developing countries

–        Storage of large solar power plants in the desert areas.


ENERGIESTRO is an innovative company supported by BPI France and the region Centre, winner in 2014 of the Global Innovation Competition 2030, in 2015 of the EDF PULSE competition and which received funding from the research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 of The European Union, as well as the seal of Excellence label of the European Commission in 2016.


Even if in the long term Energiestro foresees models ranging from 10 kwh (self-consumption of individuals) to 1 MWh (large solar power plants), the company already intends to develop a whole range of its VOSS technology around a steering wheel of 10 kwh capacity, with a Motor/power generator adapted to the needs.


The commercialization announced for 2018 with many prototypes already experienced, seems to be planned in 2020 according to the website of EDF, which signed a partnership with Energistro…

Business to follow…





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