Wakanda forever ?

Wakanda is a small country enclave between Kenya and Ethiopia. Not open to the maritime road. Around 6 million people compose the country. As Nicaragua or Jordan. So why this fiction country of Marvel is interesting ? Because he has a wealth underground of minerals : uranium, gold or vibranium, the latter being the fictive one. Throughout the Marvel universe, this country is the most developed of the planet. So in what way can it serve as a general economic and energy model especially for African States and more generally countries relying on progress and growth. Utopia ? undeniably. Source of inspiration ? Why not.


An inspiration from the millennial China

In Europe, it is hard to understand how a country can be closed to the rest of the world. For us, it is really important to trade with our neighborhood. But it is not a necessity. In fact, it is more useful not to. For example, China had the most important GDP in history. But they never had colony and they rarely traded with other country. During two millennials, China had no interest to buy products from Europe. The Middle Empire had everything on its own territory and did it better than the other. As Wakanda.


An energy independence for the industry

The technology progress from Wakanda needs a perpetual production of energy. Buildings, train or nanotechnology reveals that the country accorded a central role to research and development. As Western countries. To supply all of laboratories or military bases, we know Wakanda exploits the nuclear power and the characteristic of the vibranium. This advanced industry has the particularity to be integrated in a sustainable logic. Throughout the movie, it is clear that the capital, Wakanda-Central, is completely integrated in its environment. More than it, it is the target of a smart city.


But all of those specificities of the country are only a source of inspiration built around an utopia. The Marvel movie does not reveal the social structure of the society. T’Challa cannot be compared as an emperor of China, but Wakanda stays a monarchy. So what about workers who built it ? I do not think they can admit they live in an utopia. As us.

May my European vision mislead me.

Wakanda forever !

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    There is a critical shortage of initvmaofre articles like this.

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