Football weight on the Planet … Are the actors undertaking their responsabilities ?

Football is one of the most famous sports on the Planet. In those times of World Football Cup, do the actors take into account all the pressure induced by their practice?

1 tons of CO2  : it is what emits an average person every month in an industrialized country . In Russia, in 1 month of competition, the World Football Cup is estimating to generate 2,2 million of CO2 emission, which is the equivalent the whole Slovenia and his 2 million inhabitants, whereas only 1 million spectators will enjoy the games …

On the other side of the planet, the French Football Federation (FFF), central authority organizing amateur and professional football on the territory, introduced premises of RSE policy in 2014, through the creation of the Fondaction du Football. This institution aims to develop actions under the themes of citizenship, equality and environment among new generations of football players.

On the professional side, which can be the most criticised for its wealth and its lake of social and environmental commitment, the Professional League of Football (LFP) decided to launch its first concrete action regarding RSE in January 2018. Since this date, every goal scored in the championship L1 or L2 will bring 100 euros to a foundation. The foundation chosen in this particular case is Simplon, which forms young people distant from school and employment to the jobs of digital technologies.

With its 200 000 euros expected on a season, this action promises to finance numerous trainings. But if the LFP wishes to go farther, maybe it should envisage to redistribute some of the gargantuan sums of TV rights perceived every year?

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