Water pollution … What if you could face it in your popsicle?

Some of us have heard of the Plastic Planet, some other about water pollution problematics.. But few are really grasping the urgency of the situation. That is exactly what the « 100% Polluted Water Popsicles » is aiming at.

A disturbing but wise project

The « 100% Polluted Water Popsicles » is a graduation project of three students from the National Taiwan University of Art. Through this disturbing project, they want to spread awareness on water free pollution and the deep effects of our way of life on the environment.

Turning something ugly that nobody wants to face, into something esthetic and appealing is the biggest success of these students. While you could think of some artisanal and trendy popsicles, you are actually witnessing our common responsibility on water pollution.


Popsicles made from polluted Taiwan’s polluted water

To carry out the exposition, the young artists collected samples of water from 100 different polluted sources in Taiwan, ranging from rivers, to lakes, to ports… And for their popsicles not to melt on the wall they used resin, reproducing the same aspects of the ice.

Wrapped up in custom packaging indicating the source name the popsicles comes from, and a list of « ingredients ». Most of the solid waste in the popsicles are actually plastic (90%) ; to which you can add bugs, dirt, dead fish, cigarette butts … Their nice colours are due to some residue of oil, arsenic, mercury, industrial colorant…An explosive cocktail that would surely prevent you from wanting to lick it… On the other hand, you are already drinking it everyday, so what’s the problem?


Telling you that each year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste are dumped into oceans and waterways, will maybe not help you to face the urgency. Having some samples of your own polluted  water sources in front of you may be able to …?


Image source : https://www.facebook.com/PollutedWaterPopsicles/

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