Wind Power syndrome of NIMBY.

Not In My Back Yard is the attitude of a person or a group of people who refuses to implant what? Themselves? in their environment close to an infrastructure.

This expression is used when people wishes to take advantage of a certain technology (telephones antenna, solar panels, wind energy park; Power plants …) but refuses that general benefits damage a part of his well being it’s form of egoism.

The source of this problem is a lack of information or explication. We notice this phenomenon in the entire world. For example, in France, and more specifically in the field of renewable energy with wind energy, we notice that the majority of French people encourage renewable energies, but few agree to put a wind farm in their field of vision and less in front of their homes.

Wind power is a green and renewable energy but there is this syndrome of Not in my back yard. According to this syndrome, people  who refuses to have a wind power farm find that there is a visual impact or pollution, that the turbines impact the natural beauty of the landscape.  Noise disturbances: The sound produced by one turbine can be perceived from far distances. but these arguments are not robust, they can be easily exceeded. The solution:  We all know that we must change our attitude (how to consume energy, use  green energy…) to save the planet, we should be part of the solution.The real problem of the NIMBY is  ignorance, if we explain to people how the wind power works, and that there isn’t a real risk then maybe we will be able to change their opinion.






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wind power, NIMBY, energy, syndrome,renewable energy.

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