Noise pollution: a huge problem in largest towns



Works, building sites, car traffic …, many elements that shows that noise is obviously very present in large cities.

In megacities, we talk about air pollution and not enough about noise pollution. And yet, it is also present. It causes annoyances and diseases in the same way as air pollution. Car traffic, work and construction sites, all of which causes noise. One could even say that this is one of the main characteristics of large cities, impossible to escape from it.

The intensity of noise pollution is measured in decibels. Even if our ears get used to noise in major cities, it should be noted that the pain starts to be felt from 120 decibels.

This pollution has an impact on health. According to WHO, a very high exposure to noise can lead to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Noise in large cities has consequences on human relations. To this end, Arline BRONZAFT, environmental psychologist and american university, has always denounced the negative impact of noise on health. According to her, a high level of noise has an impact on the behaviour of people in New-York. « people walk faster in part to escape the noise, they talk loudly because they have to compete with other sounds » she claims.

While waiting for a possible world summit to be held on this issue, the noise pollution continues to make its way.

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