GTL : the new diesel fuel

GTL fuel or gas to liquid is a fuel made from natural gas.


GTL fuel, a substitute to diesel fuel:

Indeed GTL is an alternative to diesel, diesel cars and buses can run without technical modification. It can also be mixed with conventional diesel.

The advantages of GTL are about gas emissions and pollutants which are usually rejected from diesel fuel like fine-particle or nitrogen oxide.

Shell, a giant of petroleum industry (whose place GTL on the French market) says GTL in comparison with diesel emits:

–          20 to 30% less fine particles responsive of health risk (cardiovascular disease).

–          10% less nitrogen oxide responsive of acid rains and respiratory disease.

–          15% less carbon monoxide thanks to an improved burning.

–          And slightly less carbon dioxide!


These advantages make GTL attractive to reduce environmental impact of diesel vehicles:

That’s why CTS, urban transports Company of Strasbourg (France) is actually testing GTL on more than 10% of their diesel buses fleet (who’s progressively replaced buses gas)

The figure is positive, for only 5% more expensive than diesel, GTL pollute less, is quieter and does not smell!

Depiste these advantages,  there is a problem : about taxes, usually, the French taxes on fuel aren’t paid by urban transport actors because of their public service mission, but not for GTL…

Batorama, Strasbourg Company of tourist boat announced the shifts toward to GTL for all his diesel boat. These diesel boats will be replaced by brand new eco-responsive boat in the future.

A temporary solution:

GTL is not the perfect solution; it’s still a non-renewable energy that’s emitting greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants.

But this fuel can trigger off the transition from usable diesel vehicles to cleanest energy like electric or hydrogen vehicles.  In addition this solution is affordable and doesn’t require any modification on the vehicles, on the gas station system, or on the supply chain.


Image :,_Shell_GTL_fuel.JPG

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